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43 reasons why employees leave an organization

  1. Unhappy employee
  2. Not feeling fulfilled
  3. Irrelevant job needs and the person skills
  4. Weaker / undefined career path
  5. Lack of recognition
  6. The family needs not met
  7. Because the spouse (or someone very important) is settling to another city or country
  8. Poor salary, Poor benefits, no perks!
  9. Low morale
  10. Change of personal goals
  11. Sensing layoff!
  12. Poor Organization Culture
  13. Ineffective reward systems
  14. Boring workplace
  15. Feeling of boredom
  16. Lack of challenges
  17. Work-life imbalance
  18. Stressful work environment
  19. Very demanding client
  20. The culture of not taking accountability
  21. Less overall communication between people
  22. Lost faith in the vision
  23. Too much Internal politics
  24. Company culture mismatch with an individual’s values
  25. Too much bureaucracy
  26. Too much agility
  27. Insecurity
  28. Unfriendly leave policy
  29. Hostile environment
  30. Revised mission statement not exciting
  31. Lack of growth opportunities
  32. Salary not in alignment with responsibilities!
  33. Lack of learning opportunities
  34. Lack of coaching, training and mentoring
  35. Bad Boss
  36. Whimsical reporting manager
  37. Lack of motivation
  38. Indistinctive  leadership in different situations
  39. Management does not keep promises
  40. Lack of trust and confidence in the boss/management
  41. Bad Team
  42. Sore relationship with team members
  43. Mental/physical abuse