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On confusion

I meet two kinds of people:

  1. Clear ones
  2. Confused ones

Clear ones are those who exactly know what it is and what they need. They are the ones who believe their perceptions to be right and are ready to do whatever it takes to ensure that they are right.

Clear ones are anyways in minority, whereas you will find the confused ones, the majority, everywhere.

Now, there are different kinds of confused people:

  1. Confused ones who perceive that they are not confused
  2. Confused ones who know that they are confused
  3. Confused ones who are in continuous process of getting clear and confused and clear and confused again…by choice

So if I classify, there are two kinds of confused people:

  1. Confused ones who stupidly conclude
  2. Confused ones who keep the possibilities open

Confused ones who keep the possibilities open are actually better off compared to the clear ones or confused ones who stupidly conclude.

Why is it so?

Simple – confused ones who keep the possibilities open are in continuous process of getting clear about some things and getting confused about the next things; that is also, by choice.

Confused ones who keep the possibilities, stay hungry and stay foolish. Some people call this process learning, unlearning and relearning but the point is: they’re an active seeker.

If you really seek something and you persevere till whatever it takes, you find it one day.

Key here is to keep moving on. Problem is never with the confusion but the problem is with standing still.

The world is changing and new dimensions of almost everything are discovered faster than ever. So, match the pace with the changing world and keep seeking what you feel you should be seeking.

So here’s to the confused ones:

Don’t get confused about your confusion. Be clear that you are confused at the moment. First, be okay with it and then do something about it.

That’s what continuous learners do, why couldn’t you?