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Economic mindfulness

“Light purse makes a heavy heart.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

Not having enough money can cause one to suffer. The suffering may involve stress, anger, depression, and unhappiness. A lot of them.

Granted that it isn’t your fault if you were born poor, but if you die poor, it implies that you wasted your life.

No, it is not about being overly money-minded in all your actions. It is about giving conscious attention to money and create enough value for the world, so the world has no choice but to reward you with the currencies of the world.

The currencies of the world are not limited to just financial currencies such as Dollars, Pounds, Rupees, and Euros. It includes having remarkable health, enough knowledge to take pride in, personal and professional relationships that flourish you, unique experiences you created or participated in, and more.

Two actions items:

  1. Get a firm grasp of how the economics work. Local and global – both.
  2. Develop a habit of reviewing your career, business, and life decisions from the perspective of finance and economics.

As a byproduct, you will get the necessary clarity that will help you to take the subsequent decisions better.