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Mediocrity is not an option

A few days ago, a newly hired designer came to me to show a design that was not even mediocre at its best.

He said nothing but returned to his drawing board when I asked, “Is this your best work?”

If I had measured my blood pressure then, I’m sure it would be much higher.

Not because the deadline was about to miss. Not because my designer’s capabilities were any less. It was because of the premise that the designer operated from the mediocrity that might work this time.

No. Mediocrity won’t work. Not this time. Not anytime. If it works for someone, it is a fluke.

No. Mediocrity won't work. Not this time. Not anytime. If it works for someone, it is a fluke. #excellence Click To Tweet

I wish the designer were taught to tell his past leaders to face: Raise your standards for me. I deserve more than what mediocrity may produce in my life.

The designer’s life would be much different if he worked for a leader who would push him to his limits and bring out his excellence.

Take ownership of your life. Find a leader who does not accept mediocrity. Find a leader who pushes his people to the limits. Find a leader who makes you uncomfortable for all good reasons.

And work for him even if you get less salary than what you will get working for a mediocre leader. It’s a very small cost to pay.

Will it make you feel comfortable?

Hell NO.

Will it make your life better in the long run?

You guess.

This applies to you even if the leader is you.