What I’m doing now

One month is over since I along with all our team members are working from home due to COVID-19.

Much like the middle-age, some situations come all of a sudden, and before you realize who is your real enemy, you are expected to deal with it.

A very similar situation happened because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

We did not have a very precise system to run the whole company effectively but with unprecedented situations, there come unprecedented abilities.

I can proudly say that our teams could make things work with almost all the situations and the outcomes produced makes me proud.

This year, I don’t think there is going to be any summer vacations or I even doubt if I will be able to travel even in the month of December so it is different from usually how I spend my summer and Christmas.

But I am fully aware that only change is constant, so I inspect and align my next actions.

Here are the major activities I’m doing now, separated by type of activities.


  1. I, along with my family, are religiously following the Lockdown guidelines shared by our Governing authorities.
  2. I am attending a lot of good quality webinars and taking my knowledge in the area of product development, delivery, and angel investment to the next level.
  3. My journey to becoming more aware of my strengths and weaknesses continues.
  4. I became a little lazy in doing exercise in the first 3 weeks of Lockdown. But I picked myself up and now started waking up early at 5 am as usual.
  5. I drink green tea and hot water throughout the day.
  6. Increased my savings from 10% of monthly income to 20% of monthly income. Reason? Lockdown saves a lot of money on unnecessary stuff!
  7. The stock market is bad so my recent investment needs to be held until the new normal emerges. No more stockmarket investment this time.
  8. Embracing awareness. Beyond a point, only learning that matters is an expansion of perceptions through the next level of awareness. Trying to consciously do that.
  9. I am moving from using Apple Notes to Evernote. I have purchased its premium account and I have started organizing all the activities I carry out. So far, so good.
  10. Meditating through immersing myself in my work for 15-17 hours a day. My work does not feel like work to me because it is where my head, heart, and hands – all synchronize.
  11. I changed the username on all major social networks from @UtpalVaishnav to @utpalmv … because it is shorter and easy to remember. This is part of the ‘Simplify Life’ project that I have taken on.


  1. Directing my Mobile Apps Production Biz, Upsquare.
  2. Helping Kavita in building Yories, which is a storytelling platform for children. It’s a Government-funded project and supported by IIC, PDPU.
  3. Guiding a few of the portfolio companies of Phenovox Ventures for navigating the uncertainty.

Lifelong Learning (and teaching)

  1. I finished reading Charlie Munger: Life Lessons, Success Principles, and Mental Models by Thronily Dave.
  2. I am re-reading Grit by Angela Duckworth. I highly recommend it.
  3. I am reading Mental Models: 30 Tools to Master Logic And Productivity by Wagonfoot, Kevin.
  4. Planning to restart UV’s LifeClass – online!
  5. I continue to mentor a few of the small business and startup founders. Because I have plunged myself in an immense amount of work, I get only weekends for this activity.
  6. Evernote has started helping me in my reading/writing workflow. I am using it to plan for writing my next book.

For now, most of my focus is on business continuity, advisory to the portfolio companies, and understanding the new dynamics of the post-COVID-2020 world.

Last update date: Tuesday, 28 Apr 2020. (Page inspired by Leo Babauta and Derek Sivers)