What I’m doing now

The hot month of May is about to end but I haven’t experienced any heat yet!

India is badly hit with the 2nd COVID wave and I have spent the last 36 days in my home. On the 20th of Apr 2021, we took the first dose of vaccine, after that there was no need to get out for any reason. 100% WFH!


On the 37th day, today, I went out for a meeting. The last year’s happening repeated this year as well. But this time, we were better prepared. Chors, work, remote work processes with the teams and all.

This has been the 14th Month and I am in India only. This has never happened in the past few years. Typically for almost half of the year, I am either in the EU or sometimes in some East Asian countries.

On the health front, I added some more kilos of fat to my body (as I had a good excuse of Gym being closed) but other than that, it has been good.

On the work front, despite the pandemic, I added about 40 new people to my teams in the last 8 months (both, remote and in-house), my businesses grew in terms of almost everything.

This year, I am focusing more on “acceptance” and less on “creation.” The underlining idea is this: if the creation has to happen, it can happen via the acceptance route also.

Ego is the enemy, acceptance is saying “No” to my intrinsic ego!

I am going to continue consuming more green tea and hot water throughout the day.

Trying to consciously be aware of what is happening and how I am reacting to that and more to that, realizing whether I have any need to “react” to anything that is happening?

I use less social media these days. Though I post regularly on LinkedIn about my #dhandhekafunda posts, I am not on other social media these days.

This year, I have taken “Arthshastra” as a new subject of learning. I am looking at ancient Indian text and I am going to look at the western literature on the subject as well.

Last update date: Thursday, 27 May 2021. (Page inspired by Leo Babauta and Derek Sivers)