What I’m doing now

The first day of August. Birth month of Kavita and I and the birthday of my mother. 

After the deadly 2nd COVID wave, the situation has started to normalize now. In Gujarat, our state, there are less than 30 cases coming every day with situations in apparent control. 

Each one in our family has taken the second dose of COVISHIELD and life has started resuming itself. 

However, I think that there are going to be COVID waves coming given the data and patterns and one cannot afford to be casual anymore even in daily routines. Those days are gone.

A lot of things have started resuming. 75% of my staff is back in the office. New projects are being initiated and European travel has opened.

I got my European visa renewed which got expired last year … so hoping to resume my travel this month.

I volunteered and started executing a project called Ahmedabad IT Angels – which is a community initiative through which the IT Company Owners of Ahmedabad are going to do Angel Investment and related activities.

The business is booming and a lot of new positions are opened. If you think you have an entrepreneurial mindset and want to take an entrepreneurial project, you are most welcome to send me a note on hello (at) utpal (dot) me.

On the health front, I stopped adding more kilos of fat to my body as the exercise has resumed.

In terms of reading, I am reading Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter by Liz Wiseman. Amazing book it is!

I am going to continue consuming more Matcha green tea and hot water throughout the day.

Trying to consciously be aware of what is happening and how I am reacting to that and more to that, realizing whether I have any need to “react” to anything that is happening?

I use less social media these days. Though I post regularly on LinkedIn about my #dhandhekafunda posts, I am not on other social media these days.

This year, I have taken “Arthshastra” as a new subject of learning. I am looking at ancient Indian text and I am going to look at the western literature on the subject as well. This learning continues …

Last update date: Sunday, 01 Aug 2021. (Page inspired by Leo Babauta and Derek Sivers)