What I’m doing now

Today is the ninth day of June. 206 days are left in the year 2022!

For the last 3 months, COVID was on a decline. Looked like Omicron served as a vaccine the whole world needed. Masks are not required, large gatherings are happening and life is back to normal.

But at the beginning of June, the cases started to increase. Let’s see what’s stored in the lap of the future.

The last 3 months kept me super occupied. Two major deals got closed. Some interesting learning in the process.

In the month of March, I was not even an “intern” in a subject. I got intermediate knowledge when the 90-day sprint got ended!

Continuous learning goes on!

All the “delightful” activities were on hold though. No speaking engagements, no conference visits (oops, I missed one at Berlin in May) not any significant new product initiatives, and no new joint ventures (well there is one but it is still at a very early stage!).

Surprisingly my reading did not stop. Maybe it was the only non-work activity I was doing. I read a few books on Astrology (yes, considering an Astrotech business).

At my work, hiring continues. If you have a growth mindset and want to take on an entrepreneurial project, you are most welcome to send me a note on hello (at) utpal (dot) me.

My health is more or less okay. I have reduced drinking Indian Mint Chai full of cardamom (which is my recipe). However, a couple of times per week, I consume it though.

I am continuing to consume Green Tea and warm water throughout the day.

I am reflecting on the fact that some things are within our control, and some aren’t. Still, we let unhappiness take the better of us. Can I do anything about it? Can I look at my work and life differently? Is it all worth it?

The state where you are neither happy nor unhappy is strange.

Can that state serve humans more? Or it is okay to let happiness and unhappiness poke us in their own way? It is more of a question of life design to which I am yet to discover an answer.

That’s fine, we never get answers, we make them suit our temporary understanding of the moment! Let the discovery continue.

My regular LinkedIn posting is on hold where I write about #dhandhekafunda posts but I shall resume it from the 2nd week of June.

Last update date: Thursday, 09 Jun 2022. (Page inspired by Leo Babauta and Derek Sivers)