What I’m doing now

The fifteenth day of October. 76 days left in the year 2021.

COVID cases are decreasing in India and life has started becoming normal.

The travel has started to resume and the new realities are taking over. I say “new” realities because the pandemic instilled a different level of awareness in all of us.

I had a great time in the last 2 months. A few speaking engagements, working on a couple of ambitious product initiatives, new joint ventures, and more.

I wanted to travel to Europe for certain business meets but I didn’t because the opportunities here took the most of my time. But I traveled locally to nearby resorts on day/weekend trips.

My reading has come on a pause. Although I keep reading one or the other books, my attention is reduced. This is because when you are in execution mode, you get less time to read, think and reflect.

At my work, hiring continues. If you have a growth mindset and want to take on an entrepreneurial project, you are most welcome to send me a note on hello (at) utpal (dot) me.

My health is more or less okay. I have almost stopped drinking Masala Tea. Once in a while, maybe once per week, I consume it.

I am continuing to consume Matcha Green Tea and warm water throughout the day.

I am reflecting on the fact that some things are within our control, and some aren’t. Still, we let unhappiness take the better of us. Can I do anything about it? Can I look at my work and life differently? Is it all worth it?

The state where you are neither happy nor unhappy is strange.

Can that state serve humans more? Or it is okay to let happiness and unhappiness poke us in their own way? It is more of a question of life design to which I am yet to discover an answer.

That’s fine, we never get answers, we make them suit our temporary understanding of the moment! Let the discovery continue.

My regular LinkedIn posting is on hold where I write about #dhandhekafunda posts. It became too routine so I took a break and I might change its posting frequency.

This behavior highlights my natural preferences. If I do the same thing for a long time, and if it becomes routine, I start to find it uninteresting no matter what value it provides.

It might be a weakness or a strength depending upon how we perceive it but regardless, it is the truth. So if there is any activity or anything that has passed the test of not only time but routine, then it might have certain merits. 😀

Last update date: Friday, 15 Oct 2021. (Page inspired by Leo Babauta and Derek Sivers)