In 100 Words: Oh Thy Possibility!

Recently, my friend Tanmay Vora has started sharing his thoughts in the form of 100-word posts. We had a detailed talk about that and we shared the excitement of experimenting a different and interesting form.

Here’s my first one in that form, with the constraint of 100 words applied. Not actually a story but a kind of self-talk that extends my possibility thinking.

Oh…Thy Possibility!

Having invented you
has made the whole journey
really meaningful…

My eyes smile when I savor you
and treasure the present moment.

The journey that has begun
may see light and dark
uncertainties and challenges
successes and failures…

It may see all that
it is capable of seeing.

Maybe the purpose
of the present moment
is to fade away
and transform into
the next present moment…

Inspiring us in-between
to take certain actions
that we must take
and presume total responsibility.

That’s what makes it so powerful…

But when we take actions
we become even more powerful.

Oh… thy possibility!

Mini Saga – Reward

Effective leaders believe in developing their team members.

First, they recognize potential in a team member and then do everything possible to make sure that the selected team member play to his/her own limits and reward him/her self, the project and the organization at large.

Often team members guess that their boss uses their skills just for the sake of squeezing more juice from him/her. Many times, that’s not the case, for example, read below mini-saga:


Sure-handed Peter was disappointed playing different roles in a big software project. Analyst, Tester, Architect, ScrumMaster…Multiple. Every few months his boss would move him to take over another role. One day, he decided to resign but: A promotion letter was awaiting him saying “Congratulation, you’re ready for the next gig!”

Evaluate from this lens as well when you feel like being squeezed.