The deliberate fool

People look forward to playing smart in all what they do.

Many startup founders are no different. They try to maximize their benefit while giving away as little as possible.

It is not the only way. The other, better, and the richer way is not to worry much about being a fool or not fool and focus on creating value. When a deal is happening, people will try to outsmart you. You choose to be different and talk about everyone’s benefits.

The keyword here is “everyone,” which includes you!

startup advice

When you run a startup, choosing to be a fool sometimes may be the smartest thing.

“Choosing to be a fool” is acting wise, actually. Isn’t it so?

Okay failure

Failure is at a far side of success. It is an event to be embraced, accepted, reflected upon what actions caused the failures and move on.

Flow like a river. Flowing beings are never a failure. The reason is simple – they don’t stick at once place. Usually the event of the past. Failure has already happened. Although you don’t need to if you really want to, then be sad for 15 minutes but then start creating something new.

Thought that you need to move on is all it takes.

Life won’t be the same when you experience yourself who has started moving on.

Most learnings of successful beings
come from their experiences of
being part of failures.

When you’re failing, you’re gathering
resources for successful YOU.

Keep moving ahead!

~ UV (20130812)