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What can be termed as a “World Class Organization”?

What can be termed as a “World Class” organization?

So you want to know about what is called the “World Class Organization”?

World Class organization means: “The recognition of an organization as a benchmark by its industry sector and, for some aspects, by other industry sectors as well.”

The question is how does an organization become a benchmark by its industry sector?

There are several characteristics common to most (if not all) World Class Organizations:

  1. Outperformance: The organization outperforms itself in every product they produce or every service they offer. Now
  2. Continuous Improvement: The organization has subscribed to continuously improve their offerings. Typically the organizations that do not have tunnel vision for profits subscribe in this philosophy and over the long run that pays off.
  3. Delighted Employees: World-class organizations have one most common goal. That is to have a really delighted customer base. To achieve this goal, few focus on making their employee delighted. The employees serve the customers and if the employees were not delighted, then how would the customers be?
  4. Delighted Customers: Delighted Employees create ample avenues for delighting the customers. When married with appropriate reward and motivation systems, employees do their best do delight the customers who in turn become lifelong advocates for the organization’s offerings.
  5. Delighted Vendors:  Now this is even more important. In order for supply chain to work flawlessly, vendors are to be taken care of. Delighted vendors work to make your organization win in the adverse situations but if the vendors are not satisfied then they will just do their part of work and figure out reasons to justify what they did was right.
  6. Innovation focused: In order to outperform the organization in every offering, many new markets have to be discovered. Right innovation does that. Right people at the right places motivated by right kind of rewards make it happen.
  7. Outstanding leadership: This is the most vital. World Class organizations are world leaders in many areas.  May it be, their products and services or their employee treatment policy. That is not possible without outstanding leadership who leads from the front. Outstanding leaders just not create followers but they create more leaders.
  8. Sense of Ownership: Each employee in the organization has an amazing sense of ownership. They know that even if they have made a mistake, if their intentions were right then they will be guided. Organization makes best of this mindset to become a World Class organization.
  9. Operational Excellence: Flawless operations are one of the most important priorities. Commitments are met. Cash flows are managed. Appropriate forecasting systems are in place so that the scarcity of the resources can be better dealt with.
  10. Straight, Transparent Feedback: People communicate using straight words. Feedback is given transparently and taken with grace. People are not right or wrong. Their act might be. Upon receiving feedback, right actions are guided, planed and acted. Feedback is considered as an important pillar to go to the next level as it triggers the opportunity to retrospect.
  11. Work-life Balance: Work and life, both the things are in balance. Work while you work, play while you play kind of mindset is supported. Human Resources departments take care of employee’s important personal needs also by walking an extra mile. That makes the employee satisfied and inspires him or her to contribute his or her best towards organization’s growth.

The above list can be stretched further but I believe it has provided a fair idea about what a “World Class” organization looks like.

World Class organization has nothing to do with its size. Small, Mid-sized or big-size, doesn’t matter. People know about many such examples where small 1-2 people organizations such as Apple, Google, Zappos, 37Signals and so on have become world class by subscribing to one or more of the above.

Becoming a World Class Organization is not easy. It takes lot of commitment, pain and ability to go against the flow. People don’t always do their best, economic conditions are not always in favor, a competitor pops up and tries to grab the market share by engaging in less than ethical, short-term methods…so many tempting offers from others and so on.

However, the organization that have become world class have taken a stand for what they have always had believed in.

That’s why they are harvesting today what they had ploughed years ago.